Fixed Braces

We deliver a full range of orthodontic techniques to help correct an array of problems. We routinely assess children on the NHS to see if they require any corrective orthodontic treatment this will require them to fall into the relevant IOTN guidlines, as well as offering more discreet solutions for adults.

Orthodontics is a way forward to obtain that perfect smile you have always desired, this can be obtained in 3 different forms Removable appliance , Functional appliance and fixed appliance fixed is the most common type of Orthodontics. They can be used to treat cases where a number of teeth need to be corrected, or where a high degree of precision is required to guide the development of the teeth and prevent problems in the future.

This is the traditional way to precisely and predictably realign teeth. These braces feature fixed metal or clear brackets with metal wires which move teeth. They can be fitted to the upper and lower teeth, and treatment usually lasts between 12-24 months.

What is the treatment process?

We take x-rays, clinical photographs and models of your teeth, which we use to plan your treatment.

We plan your treatment according to your clinical requirements and personal preferences.

The brackets are bonded to your teeth and the wire attached using coloured or clear elastic modules, so it can apply forces to move your teeth.

When your active treatment is completed, you will need to retain the position of your teeth. Evidence shows that lifelong retention is required to maintain the final result.

You will be able to eat and drink normally while wearing a fixed appliance, but hard sweets and fizzy drinks must be avoided because they can damage the appliance and teeth . Your Orthodontist may advice further dietary advice. Mouth guards should also be worn when playing any contact sports to protect teeth and appliance. Braces are normally made of metal but Private Orthodontics can offer a Ceramic brace as they are much less noticeable. At the end of treatment retainers would be worn these are clear plastic mouth shields worn over the newly fixed teeth in place while the surrounding gum and bone adjusts to the new position of the teeth.

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